World Organisations - Questions (Section-1)
1Permanent Secretariat to coordinate the implementation of SAARC programme is located at
A. DhakaB. New Delhi
C. Colombo D. Kathmandu
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2The chairmanship/presidency of the UN Security Council rotates among the Council Members
A. every 6 monthsB. every 3 months
C. every year D. every month
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3The Indian delegation to the first World Conference on Human Rights was led by
A. Dr. Manmohan SinghB. Farooq Abdullah
C. Dinesh singh D. Alam Khan
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4Which of the following is not a chief organ of the United Nations Organisations?
A. International Labour OrganisationB. Security Council
C. International Court of Justice D. General Assembly
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5Which of the following is not associated with the UNO?
C. ASEAN D. All of the above
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