World Geography - Questions (Section-4)
43The shortest day (longest night) in the southern hemisphere is
A. June 21B. December 21
C. December 22 D. June 20
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44The smallest glaciers are
A. mountain or alpine glaciersB. continental glaciers
C. piedmont glaciers D. None of the above
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45The smallest state, population wise, in the world is
A. Vatican CityB. Monaco
C. Nauru D. Liechtenstein
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46The time at a place is determined by
A. the parallels of longitudeB. the parallels of latitude
C. distance from equator D. distance from prime meridian
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47The tropical and temperate deserts of the world, occupy nearly ____ of the land surface of the worlds.
A. (1/4) thB. (1/3) rd
C. (1/2) D. (1/7) th
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48The various types of plate convergence is oceanic-oceanic convergenceoceanic-continental convergencecontinental-continental convergence
C. I, III D. All of the above
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