World Geography - Questions (Section-4)
31The study of soils is called
A. geomorphologyB. pedology
C. hydrology D. biogeography
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32The term 'regur' refers to
A. deltaic alluvial soilsB. lateral soils
C. black cotton soils D. red and yellow soils
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33The tropical cyclones do not occur to the equator because of
A. weak coriolis forceB. light and variable width
C. excessive humidity D. connective activity
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34The troughs of the waves are where the jet stream of waves is closest to the
A. polesB. equator
C. Prime meridian D. None of the above
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35The two 'equinoxes' take place respectively in the months of
A. January and JuneB. July and December
C. March and September D. September and December
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36The typical soil of tropical region, formed by the weathering of laterite rock, which promotes leaching of the soil is
A. laterite soilsB. black soil
C. red and yellow soil D. peat and marshy soil
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