World Geography - Questions (Section-4)
67The second largest continent in the world is
A. AsiaB. Australia
C. Africa D. Europe
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68The southern Deccan area is in a rain shadow and receives only
A. 50 to 1000 mm of rainfall a yearB. 100 to 200 mm of rainfall a year
C. 200 to 400 mm of rainfall a year D. 50 to 400 mm of rainfall a year
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69The spiral flow in a stream caused by channel shape is called
A. stream flowB. laminar flow
C. turbulent flow D. helical flow
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70The storms or frontal systems develop where
A. air is risingB. atmospheric pressure is low
C. at the equator and in the mid-latitudes D. All of the above
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71The temperature increases rapidly after
A. ionosphereB. exosphere
C. stratosphere D. troposphere
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72The underlying cause of bio diversity loss is
A. poverty and unsustainable development projectsB. macroeconomic policies
C. international trade factors D. All of the above
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