World Geography - Questions (Section-4)
1The shape of earth is
A. sphereB. oblate spheroid
C. circular D. spheroid
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2The spring season in the north temperate zone is when
A. the sun is directly overhead the equatorB. the sun is directly overhead the Tropic of Cancer
C. the sun returns to equator D. the sun is at the Tropic of Cancer
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3The term 'Abyssal refers to
A. inner most part of the earthB. organism found in the shallow water zone of the seas
C. deeper parts of the oceans D. None of the above
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4The tertiary winds on the north of the Alps (Europe) are called
A. the ChinookB. the foehn
C. the sirocco D. the loo
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5The tropical easterlies wind lie at
A. 0-30? latitudeB. 30-60? latitude
C. 60-90? latitude D. 10-40? latitude
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6Which of the following is not a kharif crop?
A. JuteB. Maize
C. Mustard D. Rice
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