World Geography - Questions (Section-2)
25The low latitude zone of globe extends between
A. Tropic of Capricorn and CancerB. North pole to South pole
C. Tropic of Capricorn and equator D. Equator and Tropic of Cancer
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26The lowest point, on land, in the world is
A. Death valley, USAB. Caspian sea, Russia
C. Dead sea, Jordan/Israel D. Lake Eyre, Australia
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27The main objective of multi-purpose river projects are
A. extension of irrigation facilities by constructing dams to store surplus water during the rainy season, for release in summerB. power generation by constructing hydro power stations
C. flood controls and making rivers navigable D. All of the above
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28The mean basin area of successive ordered streams formed a linear relationship when graphed. This statement is given by
A. morph metric analysisB. law of drainage composition
C. law of basin areas D. None of the above
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29The most explosive type of volcano is
A. the calderaB. a cinder cone
C. basalt plateau D. shield volcanoes
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30The mountains which come into being after the continental drift started, with the break up of the large land mass of pangola are
A. young mountainsB. old mountains
C. volcanic mountains D. fold mountains
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