World Geography - Questions (Section-2)
7The longest river in the Common wealth of independent states is the
A. Irtysh riverB. Ob river
C. Yenisei river D. Volga river
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8The low heating capacity of which of the types of coal reduces its value as an industrial fuel?
A. AnthraciteB. Bituminous coal
C. Lignite D. Peat
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9The meridian passing through London is called the
A. equatorB. Tropic of Cancer
C. Prime Meridian of 0� Meridian D. Tropic of Capricorn
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10The monsoon climatic regions are
A. South-east Asia including Australia, Africa, AmericaB. Europe and South America
C. Asia, Africa and Antarctica D. None of the above
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11The most important factor that is affecting all the chemical weathering processes is
A. vegetationB. topography
C. climate D. None of the above
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12The most recent era of the geological time scale is
A. MesozoicB. cenozoic
C. Triassic D. paleocene
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