World Geography - Questions (Section-2)
61The main producers of free gas are
A. the south Bassein and Tapti fields in the western offshoreB. the gas fields in Tripura and Andhra Pradesh (KG Basin)
C. both (a) and (b) D. None of the above
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62The major countries of central America are
A. Belize, Costa Rica, PanamaB. China, Taiwan, Japan
C. Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait D. All of the above
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63The major pedogenic process acting on soils at the macro scale are
A. laterisation and podsolisationB. calcification and salinisation
C. salinisation and gleisation D. All of the above
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64The mean radius of the earth is approximately
A. 32,000 kmB. 6,400 km
C. 9,600 km D. 12,800 km
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65The moon orbits the earth at a mean distance approximately
A. 0.384 million kmB. 149.6 million km
C. 579 million km D. 227.9 million km
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66Which of the following is a warm current?
A. Benguela currentB. Labrador current
C. Kurosiwo current D. South Pacific current
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