World Geography - Questions (Section-1)
19The group of minerals chemically containing hydrocarbons is
A. silicate groupB. organic group
C. oxide group D. hydride group
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20The Harmattan is
A. cool, extremely dry wind that forms over the Sahara and blows westward or south-westward to the African coastB. wind that blows during the dry season from December to February
C. tertiary wind that carry great quantities of fine dust from the Sahara D. All of the above
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21The highest degree of concentration of mineral deposits are found in
A. northeastern zoneB. northwestern zone
C. southern zone D. All of the above
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22The iron ore mined at Bailadila is mostly
A. haematiteB. siderite
C. limonite D. magnetic
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23The largest dune files are found in
A. Middle EastB. North Africa
C. both (a) and (b) D. None of the above
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24The leading state in producing paper is
A. BiharB. West Bengal
C. Kerala D. Orissa
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