World Geography - Questions (Section-1)
13The groundwater can become confined between two impermeable layers. This type of enclosed water is called
A. artesianB. artesian well
C. unconfined groundwater D. confined groundwater
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14The humidity of the air depends upon
A. temperatureB. location
C. weather D. All of the above
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15The ionosphere includes
A. mesosphereB. thermosphere
C. thermosphere and exosphere D. thermosphere, exosphere and mesosphere
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16The iron and steel industries of which of the following countries are almost fully dependent on imported raw materials?
A. BritainB. Japan
C. Poland D. Germany
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17The largest glaciers are
A. mountain glaciersB. alpine glaciers
C. continental glaciers D. piedmont glaciers
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18The temperature increases rapidly after
A. ionosphereB. exosphere
C. stratosphere D. troposphere
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