Technology - Questions (Section-1)
56'.BAK' extension refers usually to what kind of file?
A. Backup fileB. Audio file
C. Animation/movie file D. MS Encarta document
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57'CD' computer abbreviation usually means ?
A. Command DescriptionB. Change Data
C. Copy Density D. Compact Disc
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58In which decade was the ARRL founded?
A. 1940sB. 1930s
C. 1920s D. 1910s
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59Where is the headquarters of Intel located?
A. Redmond, WashingtonB. Tucson, Arizona
C. Santa Clara, California D. Richmond, Virginia
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60Who co-created the UNIX operating system in 1969 with Dennis Ritchie?
A. Bjarne StroustrupB. Steve Wozniak
C. Ken Thompson D. Niklaus Wirth
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