Current Affairs Technologies - Questions (Section-1)
36According to the report of CERT, __________ per cent of attacks on Indian sites are from China.
A. 18%B. 25%
C. 35% D. 42%
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37Scientists have developed a wireless 'in-body GPS' which helps to track tumours inside the body. It is named as;
A. DeltaB. Atlas
C. ReMix D. Atlas
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38The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has allowed to make calls during flights from __________.
A. October 2018B. November 2018
C. September 2018 D. December 2018
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39What technology did Paytm launch recently?
A. One97 Communications AI Cloud for IndiaB. Paytm AI Cloud for India
C. One97 Communications AI Cloud 2018 D. Paytm AI Cloud 2018
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40Which of the following digiLocker system did CBSE launch to the students of flood-hit Kerala?
A. Parinam ManjushaB. eMudhra Maha Sevai
C. eMaha Parinam D. Block Chain Technology
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