Current Affairs Technologies - Questions (Section-1)
3115 Facebook planned to build its first data centre in which Asian country?
A. IndiaB. Malaysia
C. Indonesia D. Singapore
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32Google launched a new search engine for scientists, data journalists. It is called as;
A. GenieKnowsB. Search Encrypt
C. Searchmedica D. Dataset Search
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33Which among the following rebranded as Google pay to offer Instant Bank Loans?
A. PayPalB. Payoneer
C. Tez D. Phonepe
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34Which online firm announces a new AI Technology to fight online child sexual abuse?
A. YahooB. Facebook
C. Google D. TikTok
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35Who among the following launched 'Navlekha' for Indian language publishers?
A. BaiduB. Microsoft
C. Google D. Apple
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