Current Affairs Technologies - Questions (Section-1)
16IIT-Madras has designed India's first and indigenous microprocessor. It was named as;
A. DhamuB. Shakti
C. Ninten D. Raagu
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17The World's first AI news anchor was unveiled by;
A. IndiaB. Germany
C. Japan D. China
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18The world's largest neuromorphic supercomputer which was switched on for the first time is:
A. StampedeB. JuQueen
C. SpiNNaker D. Vulcan
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19What is the rank of India in the web-borne threats as per the report of Kaspersky Lab?
A. 8B. 20
C. 18 D. 12
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20Which of the following launched a 'Digital Literacy Library' providing safety tips for users in 6 Indian languages?
A. GoogleB. Microsoft
C. Apple D. Facebook
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