Current Affairs Technologies - Questions (Section-1)
11Name the company which has launched the Neighbourly app in Delhi and Bangalore.
A. MicrosoftB. Google
C. Oracle D. Apple
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12Name the software launched by Indian Railways that will enable the Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal to keep track of punctuality of trains and freight and passenger earnings from anywhere in India?
A. eDiaryB. RailDairy
C. eDrishti D. RailMoney
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13This Stock Exchange launched a mobile application and web-based platform for retail investors to buy government securities (G-Secs).
A. Bangalore Stock ExchangeB. National Stock Exchange
C. Bombay Stock Exchange D. Ahmedabad Stock Exchange
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14Which of the following is the first Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered robot to fly in Space, which made an interaction with the spacefaring crew of International Space Station?
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15World's first GST calculator was launched by which of the following company?
A. ArmaniB. Casio India
C. Tissot D. Festina
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