Current Affairs Technologies - Questions (Section-1)
6Qualcomm won a patent dispute case against Apple, which could lead to a ban on sales of iPhones in which of the following country?
A. GermanyB. Italy
C. Poland D. Denmark
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7Smartworks a leading workspaces player, introduced a female AI robot in productivity mascot. It was named as;
A. AnamikaB. SmaMo
C. Smart Mitri D. Anushka
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8Turkmenistan launched its first messaging app on 24 December 2018. It was named as;
A. TurTanB. Nimbuzz
C. Kakao D. BizBarde
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9Who designed satellite phones NaVIC to fishermen involved in deep sea fishing?
A. Infosys LimitedB. Indian Space Research Organisation
C. Department of Telecommunications India D. Reliance Industries Limited
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10Who introduced a road safety robot named ROADEO?
A. Hyderabad Traffic PoliceB. Delhi Traffic Police
C. Bengaluru Traffic Police D. Chennai Traffic Police
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