Current Affairs Technologies - Questions (Section-1)
56Facebook has admitted it shared its users' data with how many tech companies?
A. 52B. 25
C. 44 D. 38
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57This plans to add 40 million WiFi users in India by 2019.
A. GoogleB. Facebook
C. Twitter D. LinkedIn
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58Which among the following becomes the first for blockchain technology?
A. SuratB. Pune
C. Chennai D. Hyderabad
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59Which is the locomotive algorithm provided in Cheetah 3 robot?
A. Walk locomotionB. Blind locomotion
C. Benthic locomotion D. Gliding locomotion
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60Which telecom operator unveils the internet telephony service 'Wings'?
A. BSNLB. Vodafone
C. Airtel D. Reliance Jio
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