Current Affairs Technologies - Questions (Section-1)
51A Google-affiliated company chooses __________ for delivering internet access to remote areas using high-altitude balloons.
A. KenyaB. Nigeria
C. Zimbabwe D. Morocco
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52For which company, the European Union fined $5 Billion for abusing the dominance of its Android mobile operating system?
A. SamsungB. Microsoft
C. Apple D. Google
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53Indian Railway's first consolidated Bridge Management System (IR-BMS), a web-enabled IT application to store data on how many bridges?
A. 1 lakh`B. 1.5 lakh
C. 2.5 lakh D. 3 lakh
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54Scientists have developed a computer _________ that mimics human brain's neural networks, and would overcome the speed and power consumption problems of conventional supercomputers?
A. SimunoidB. SpiNNaker
C. Rapidex D. EXpro
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55Which company introduced 'Launchpad Accelerator India', a mentorship program for AI start-ups of India?
A. GoogleB. Facebook
C. Oracle D. IBM
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