Current Affairs Talkies - Questions (Section-1)
26How many movies did selected for ICFT UNESCO Gandhi Medal?
A. 5B. 12
C. 9 D. 25
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27This country will host 2019 Commonwealth Weightlifting Championships?
A. IndiaB. Australia
C. Brazil D. Sri Lanka
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28This film on the Golden Peacock award for the Best Film at the International Film Festival of India (IFFI-2017).
A. 120 Beats Per MinuteB. On Body and Soul
C. Loveless D. The Square
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29Which film won big at Asia Pacific Screen Awards recently?
A. NewtonB. Bahubaali
C. Lagaan D. Sholay
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30World's First 3D Sanskrit Film Anurakthi Screened at 2017 IFFI in __________.
A. MumbaiB. Pune
C. Goa D. Chennai
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