Current Affairs Sports - Questions (Section-1)
26Recently, Delhi Daredevils was renamed as __________.
A. Delhi RidersB. Delhi Squad
C. Delhi Smoggers D. Delhi Capitals
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27Saina Nehwal wins ___________ at Syed Modi International 2018.
A. GoldB. Silver
C. Bronze D. None of the Above
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28The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has submitted a formal expression of interest to host __________ Olympics.
A. 2028B. 2026
C. 2024 D. 2032
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29Which country win the FIH Women's Hockey Champions Trophy?
A. ArgentinaB. Netherlands
C. Australia D. Britain
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30Which team won the Admiral's Cup 2018?
A. NigeriaB. Singapore
C. Italy D. Poland
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