Current Affairs Sports - Questions (Section-1)
21Researchers have developed the world's smallest ___________ board game by using dynamic DNA origami tiles.
A. ChessB. Tic-tac-toe
C. Checkers D. Stratego
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22Which country tops in the FIFA global ranking 2018?
A. BelgiumB. Brazil
C. India D. France
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23Which team won the 115th Aga Khan Gold Cup tournament in New Delhi?
A. Madhya Pradesh TeamB. SHA Team
C. Army XI Danapur D. SAIL Hockey Academy
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24Which team won the 2018 Club World Cup and record fourth in total?
A. Real MadridB. Team Wellington
C. Guadalajara D. Kashima Antlers
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25Which team won the first ever World Cup title in Odisha?
A. NetherlandsB. Belgium
C. Australia D. Egypt
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