Current Affairs Sports - Questions (Section-1)
11South Korea's Ki Sung-yueng announced his retirement from which sport on 31st January 2019?
A. BasketballB. Football
C. Hockey D. Cricket
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12Which country has won the 2019 Asian Cup Football tournament?
A. JapanB. Singapore
C. Qatar D. Iran
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13Which of the following country has announced its withdrawal from Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty?
C. France D. China
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14Who became the first female paddler from India to be enlisted in the top 50 list, with a rank of 47?
A. Lalitha VB. Pinky Reddy
C. Manika Batra D. Sameera Khan
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15Who becomes the first Indian to grab Australian LPGA Card?
A. Vani KapoorB. Aditi Ashok
C. Diksha Dagar D. Ankita Tiwana
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