Current Affairs Sports - Questions (Section-1)
71Harvinder Singh won __________ medal in archery in Asian Para Games.
A. GoldB. Silver
C. Bronze D. None of the Above
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72Name the Indian high jump player who won gold in men's high jump T42/63 category.
A. Tejaswin ShankarB. Hari Shankar Roy
C. Sharad Kumar D. Nikhil Chittarasu
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73Name the players who won the Under-15 girls doubles title in the Badminton Asia Junior Under-17 and Under-15 championships?
A. Ishani Waldia and Hrissha DubeyB. Taneesha Singh and Hrissha Dubey
C. Meghana Reddy and Tasnim Mir D. Tara Shah and Anupama Upadhyaya
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74Which country won the U19 Asia Cup 2018 title?
A. Hong KongB. India
C. Sri Lanka D. Pakistan
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75Who won the Japanese Formula One Grand Prix?
A. Lewis HamiltonB. V. Bottas
C. M. Verstappen D. K. Raikkonen
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