Current Affairs Sports - Questions (Section-1)
56Akash Malik won the __________ in archery at the Youth Olympic Games 2018.
A. GoldB. Silver
C. Bronze D. None of the Above
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57The fourth edition of Global Partner's Forum will be hosted by __________.
A. FranceB. Japan
C. China D. India
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58Which football club won the Puttaiah Memorial Cup 2018?
A. Royal RajasthanB. Chennai Tigers
C. Bengaluru FC D. Kerala FC
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59Who won the boy's under-14 title in the AITA championship series tennis tournament?
A. Udit GogoiB. Adith Amarnath
C. Kandhavel Mahalingam D. Jason Michael David
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60World Wrestling Championship has started in which country?
A. HungaryB. Poland
C. Italy D. Russia
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