Current Affairs Science - Questions (Section-1)
41How many small satellites are launched by SpaceX recently?
A. 64B. 58
C. 42 D. 38
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42India's heaviest communication satellite that is launched successfully from French Guiana.
A. GSAT-10B. GSAT-17
C. GSAT-11 D. GSAT-9
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43NASA's 'OSIRIS-REx' spacecraft's mission involves a close-up survey of the asteroid __________.
A. BennuB. Vesta
C. Ceres D. Eros
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44Which of the following is the first manned mission to the International Space Station (ISS)?
A. Soyuz missionB. Apollo 11 mission
C. Shenzhou mission D. Tiangong-2 mission
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45Which of the following rocket is to be launched by NASA?
A. VISIONS-2B. Soyuz
C. Sputnik 1 D. Mariner 9
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