Current Affairs Science - Questions (Section-1)
31InSight lander places its first instrument (SEIS) on?
A. PlutoB. Jupiter
C. Mars D. Saturn
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32Name of the Genetically Modified (GM) indoor plant to remove pollutants inside the house.
A. AmaryllisB. Devil's ivy
C. Blushing Bromeliad D. Busy Lizzie
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33Name the new exotic planet discovered by researchers outside our solar system in the constellation Cassiopeia.
A. FX126888 rB. SD687999 s
C. GY789700 d D. HD219134 b
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34NASA's first flight to moon that marked its 50thanniversary is;
A. Apollo 8B. Apollo 12
C. Colombia 2 D. Colombia 11
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35Who launched the First Global Positioning System (GPS) III satellite nicknamed as Vespucci US Military Satellite?
C. SpaceX D. ESA
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