Current Affairs Science - Questions (Section-1)
21How many space missions has been planned by ISRO to launch in 2019?
A. 28B. 32
C. 38 D. 43
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22Scientists have developed a device named WAND that works like a Pacemaker for which this part of the body?
A. BrainB. Heart
C. Lungs D. Liver
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23What type of improved aircraft did the Indian Air Force (IAF) ask Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) to make after getting clearance from military airworthiness certifier CEMILAC?
A. MiG-29 fighter aircraftB. Su-30MKI Aircraft
C. Light Combat Aircraft D. HA-31 Basant aircraft
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24Which Atomic Power Station set world record for longest uninterrupted operation?
A. Kudankulam Atomic Power StationB. Kaiga Atomic Power Station
C. Kakrapar Atomic Power Station D. Narora Atomic Power Station
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25Which spacecraft of NASA broke the record for smallest space object ever orbited, after successfully entering into orbit around the asteroid Bennu?
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