Current Affairs Science - Questions (Section-1)
71How many BeiDou-3 navigation satellites has been launched by China on 15 October 2018?
A. 2B. 4
C. 5 D. 6
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72Name the galaxy proto-supercluster discovered by scientists at the European Southern Observatory (ESO).
A. HyperloopB. Hyperion
C. Marsel D. Bruno
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73This country has successfully tested world's largest unmanned transport drone "FH-98"?
A. GermanyB. Russia
C. China D. India
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74This country is working on creating an artificial moon.
A. IndiaB. US
C. China D. Canada
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75Which of the following NASA's telescope completed its 10 years of mission recently?
A. Fermi Gamma-ray Space TelescopeB. Femto Gamma-ray Space Telescope
C. Nano Gamma-ray Space Telescope D. Pico Gamma-ray Space Telescope
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