Current Affairs Science - Questions (Section-1)
46ISRO to launch Indias HysIS satellite with how many foreign satellites?
A. 25B. 30
C. 20 D. 42
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47Name the SpaceX's Big Falcon Rocket(BFR) which had been Renamed recently by its CEO Elon Musk?
A. Falcon 9B. Zenit-2
C. Saturn V D. Starship
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48NASA's InSight spacecraft landed on Mars after how many months through the Red Planet's atmosphere?
A. 7 monthsB. 6 months
C. 5 months D. 4 months
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49Researchers from this University have created the first ever 'Ion Drive' plane with no moving part by adapting a technology that is previously used in Spacecraft.
A. National University of SingaporeB. University of Chicago
C. Massachusetts Institute of Technology D. Stanford University
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50Russia's state space corporation Roscosmos has planned to venture into the Internet of Things (IoT) by launching a new satellite with the name of;
A. MarathonB. Webster
C. Galaxy D. Star Hunter
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