Current Affairs Science - Questions (Section-1)
1Recently, Which country test fired surface-to-air missile "QRSAM" successfully?
A. IndiaB. South Korea
C. USA D. Russia
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2SpaceX launched Israel's first moon lander, "Beresheet", from Florida It's total weight is;
A. 750 KgB. 600 Kg
C. 525 Kg D. 585 kg
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3Which of the following defence satellite would be launched by ISRO for DRDO in March 2019?
A. Kalam SATB. Microsat R
C. HySIS D. Emisat
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4Which of the following telescopes has recently helped to discover 300000 new galaxies?
A. HubbleB. LOFAR
C. Spitzer Space D. Euclid
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5Who will launch SPHEREx Mission to investigate Universe?
C. SpaceX D. JAXA
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