Current Affairs Politics - Questions (Section-1)
56The Union Government in recent past revised the Mode of Moderation and Memorandum of Understanding to establish the Border Haats with this country.
A. MyanmarB. Nepal
C. Bangladesh D. Sri Lanka
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57The Union Government unveiled the revised Building Code 2017 to meet the vision of - 'Housing For All' by
A. 2020B. 2021
C. 2022 D. 2023
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58The upper house of Indian Parliament, Rajya Sabha recently passed which crucial bill?
A. Hindu Marriage BillB. Transgender Bill
C. HIV/ AIDS Prevention and Control Bill D. Gay Marriage Bill
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59Which party won the highest number of seats in the recently concluded elections to the House of Representatives of the Netherlands?
A. Party for FreedomB. People's Party for Freedom and Democracy
C. Christian Democratic Appeal D. Democrats 66
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60Which Union Ministry successfully celebrated Swachhta Pakhwada?
A. Human Resources DevelopmentB. Women and Child Development
C. Commerce and Industry D. Health and Family Welfare
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