Current Affairs Places - Questions (Section-1)
361st LAWASIA Human Rights conference 2019 was held in __________.
A. MumbaiB. New Delhi
C. Pune D. Lucknow
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37Kerala's Institute of Advanced Virology (IAV) was inagurated at;
A. ThonnakkalB. Pothencode
C. Aryanad D. Pattom
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38The 3rd edition of Swachh Shakti-2019 was held at which of the following cities?
A. DehradunB. Kurukshetra
C. Gandhinagar D. Lucknow
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39Which city hosted the first investor conference ASCEND 2019?
A. ThiruvananthapuramB. Ernakulam
C. Kochi D. Kozhikode
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40Which city hosted the third Indo-German Environment Forum?
A. AhmedabadB. New Delhi
C. Lucknow D. Hyderabad
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