Current Affairs Places - Questions (Section-1)
11President Ram Nath Kovind inagurated the International Conference and Exhibition on Energy and Environment in __________.
A. New DelhiB. Mumbai
C. Kolkata D. Chennai
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12Regional Maritime Safety Conference 2019 was held in __________.
A. PuneB. Lucknow
C. Mumbai D. Hyderabad
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13The 2019 edition of Medical Fair India (MFI) has started in __________.
A. MumbaiB. Kolkata
C. New Delhi D. Pune
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14Where did Defence Ministry approved the acquisition of more than 100 heavyweight torpedoes?
A. HyderabadB. Chennai
C. Mumbai D. New Delhi
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15Where did the 44th Global Summit of International Advertising Association held?
A. SuratB. Patna
C. Kochi D. Hyderabad
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