Current Affairs Places - Questions (Section-1)
51Parmanu Tech 2019-Nuclear Energy Conference held in __________.
A. MumbaiB. Lucknow
C. New Delhi D. Patna
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52Sentinelese Tribe, which is in news recently, is located in which of the following islands?
A. North Sentinel IslandB. South Sentinel Island
C. Kondul Island D. Bompuka
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53The circuit bench of the Calcutta High Court will be set up in which of the following city?
A. JalpaiguriB. Malda
C. Hooghly D. Darjeeling
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54Where was Air India's First ever Flight Simulator known as 'Boeing 747-200' exhibited?
A. New DelhiB. Nagpur
C. Dehradun D. Mumbai
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55Which city was the venue of the 'Parmanu Tech 2019'?
A. DehradunB. Kanpur
C. New Delhi D. Udaipur
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