Current Affairs Places - Questions (Section-1)
1Asia's largest biotechnology and life-sciences forum "BioAsia 2019" was held in __________.
A. BengaluruB. Kochi
C. Chennai D. Hyderabad
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2India-Bangladesh Joint Military Exercise 'Sampriti 2019' begins in __________.
A. KolkataB. New Delhi
C. Gazipur D. Tangail
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3Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare, Anupriya Patel, inaugurated the International Digital Health Symposium in which city?
A. MumbaiB. New Delhi
C. Hyderabad D. Chennai
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4The 3rd edition of the 3-day festival "Words in the Garden" based on the life and ideology of Mahatma Gandhi was held in __________.
A. RajkotB. Porbandar
C. New Delhi D. Ahmedabad
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5The National Institutes of Design (NID) has recently inaugurated in which two cities?
A. Hyderabad, Lucknow & BhubaneshwarB. Amaravati, Bhopal, Kurukshetra & Jorhat
C. Jorhat, Jaipur & Shimla D. Raipur & Hyderabad
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