Current Affairs National - Questions (Section-1)
26According to the Henley Passport Index, India ranks which position as the world's most travel-friendly passport?
A. 79B. 81
C. 68 D. 52
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27The Central Government has given nod for Centre for Classical Language in which city of Kerala?
A. AluvaB. Guruvayur
C. Munnar D. Tirur
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28The Lok Sabha passed the 'DNA Technology (Use and Application) Regulation Bill, 2019' on __________.
A. 6 January 2019B. 7 January 2019
C. 8 January 2019 D. 9 January 2019
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29The rate of reservationapproved by Union Cabinet for 'economically backward' upper castes in government jobs.
A. 8%B. 10%
C. 12% D. 15%
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30What will be the position of India in Consumer Market By 2030?
A. 5thB. 3rd
C. 8th D. 12th
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