Current Affairs National - Questions (Section-1)
11India ranked __________ in the 2019 US Chambers International IP Index.
A. 18B. 42
C. 28 D. 36
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12This country will host the 13th Conference of Parties during 15th to 22nd February 2020.
A. ChinaB. Singapore
C. India D. UK
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13Which country received the Award of Excellence for 'Best in Show' at the New York Times Travel Show 2019?
A. ItalyB. India
C. Germany D. Turkey
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14Which union ministry has launched Shehri Samridhi Utsav?
A. Ministry of Urban DevelopmentB. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
C. Ministry of Home Affairs D. Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs
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15Who was appointed as Nepal's ambassador to India in Kathmandu on 4th February 2019?
A. Deep Kumar UpadhyayB. Nilambar Acharya
C. Madan Anjumdhar D. Sri Krishnan S
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