Current Affairs National - Questions (Section-1)
71As per the report of Asian Development Bank, Which country has the Most Outward Migrants In 2017?
A. IndiaB. China
C. Bangladesh D. Maldives
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72How many agreement are signed between India and Bangladesh recently?
A. 5B. 4
C. 3 D. 2
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73India has donated __________ lakh Dollars for a peacekeeping initiative at the UN.
A. ThreeB. Four
C. Five D. Six
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74What is the position of India in the QS Asia University Rankings 2019?
A. 2B. 3
C. 4 D. 5
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75Which is the host country of 2018 International Arya Maha Sammelan?
A. AfghanistanB. India
C. Germany D. Israel
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