Current Affairs National - Questions (Section-1)
61IAMAI forms AR/VR Committee to promote Technologies in which of the following country?
A. South KoreaB. Denmark
C. Srilanka D. India
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62The government of India has released over 113 crore rupees for how many states for the special development?
A. 3B. 4
C. 5 D. 6
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63The Supreme Court gave nod for a separate High Court for Andhra Pradesh. It will be the __________ High Court in the country.
A. 23rdB. 25th
C. 28th D. 30th
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64What is the rank of India in the Ease Of Doing Business Index 2019?
A. 44B. 52
C. 63 D. 77
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65Which country has been elected as a member of the International Telecommunications Union-ITU Council from 2019 to 2022?
A. SingaporeB. Morocco
C. India D. Philippines
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