Current Affairs National - Questions (Section-1)
462019 Union World Conference on Lung Health wil be hosted by __________.
A. IndiaB. Poland
C. Spain D. Morocco
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47According to the report by Bain & Company, which of the following country is the fastest growing e-commerce market?
A. Saudi ArabiaB. Malaysia
C. India D. Argentina
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48This country conferred with the Asia Environment Enforcement Awards, 2018, recently United Nation Environment.
A. DenmarkB. Iceland
C. China D. India
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49Which country to Chair Kimberley Process From January 2019?
A. IndiaB. Pakistan
C. Saudi Arabia D. Indonesia
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50Which IIT researchers developed smartphone-based system to detect adulteration in milk?
A. IIT RoorkeeB. IIT Kanpur
C. IIT Chennai D. IIT Hyderabad
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