Current Affairs National - Questions (Section-1)
1Muhammadu Buhari was re-elected as the president of which of the following country?
A. MoroccoB. Sudan
C. Nigeria D. Libya
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2Recently, Reserve Bank of India and __________ have signed a Bilateral Swap Arrangement (BSA).
A. Mizuho BankB. Bank of Japan
C. MUFG Ban D. Japan Post Bank
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3The 4th Global Digital Health Partnership Summit was hosted by which of the following country?
A. IndiaB. Singapore
C. New Zealand D. Philippines
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4What is the position of Indian Passport in the Passport Index of 2019?
A. 67B. 72
C. 77 D. 54
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5Which country attends OIC Meet for 1st Time in Abu Dhabi?
A. BrazilB. Germany
C. Singapore D. India
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