Current Affairs Miscellaneous - Questions (Section-1)
36After which scam did the Bengal State demand for the President's rule in the State?
A. Indian coal allocation scamB. Abhishek Verma arms deals
C. Saradha chit fund scam D. Kingfisher Airlines and UB scam
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37As per the National Sample Survey Office's report, What is the unemployment rate for the year 2017-18?
A. 6.3%B. 5.9%
C. 5.8% D. 6.1%
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38Government renames DIPP as __________.
A. Department of Internal TradeB. Department of Industry and Internal Trade
C. Department of promotion of Industry and Internal Trade D. Department of Industrial Promotion and Policy
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39Which high court has ruled against negative marking in competitive examinations?
A. Delhi High CourtB. Bombay High Court
C. Calcutta High Court D. Madras High Court
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40Which of the following fund is used for unexpected circumstance?
A. Contingency fundB. Consolidated fund
C. Public Account D. None of the above
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