Current Affairs Miscellaneous - Questions (Section-1)
61The government has constituted a high power committee to monitor the pricing of medicines and healthcare products. It will be headed by;
A. NITI AayogB. Ministry of Human Resource Development
C. Ministry of Home Affairs D. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
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62Which high court released a movie "72 Hours - Martyr Who Never Died" a movie about Sino-Indian war hero Rifleman Jaswant Sing Rawat?
A. Delhi High CourtB. Bombay High Court
C. Karnataka High Court D. Calcutta High Court
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63Which ministry constituted a committee to study the existing Special Economical Zone(SEZ) policy of India?
A. Ministry of Labour and EmploymentB. Ministry of Corporate Affairs
C. Ministry of Finance D. Ministry of Commerce and Industry
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64With which Institute Omega Healthcare Management Services has signed an MoU for advanced use of the latest technology in providing healthcare solutions?
A. IIIT BangaloreB. IIIT Bhubaneswar
C. IIIT Allahabad D. IIIT Hyderabad
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65World Health Organization declared the year 2019 as;
A. Year of medical innovationsB. Year of betterment of health and family welfare
C. Year of action on preparedness for health emergencies D. Year of vaccination awareness
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