Current Affairs International - Questions (Section-1)
26Cabinet approved MoU between India and __________ for Tourism.
A. Saudi ArabiaB. Morocco
C. Argentina D. Bangladesh
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27India and Finland had signed agreement on cooperation with which of the following field?
A. In the field of agricultureB. In the field of Climate and Environment
C. In the field of peaceful uses of outer space D. In the field of Science and Technology
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28Macedonia officially changed its name to __________.
A. North MacedoniaB. FYR Macedonia
C. Macedonia Prima D. Macedonia Secunda
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29The European Commission has recently added this country to dirty-money blacklist.
A. SingaporeB. India
C. Saudi Arabia D. Malaysia
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30With Which country, Indian Government signed a deal under Fast Track Procurement (FTP) to avail the Indian Army with 72,400 new 'Sig Sauer Assault Rifles'?
A. South KoreaB. Russia
C. US D. Japan
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