Current Affairs International - Questions (Section-1)
21According to Bloomberg, which country becomes the largest buyer of Venezuelan crude oil in February?
A. ChinaB. US
C. India D. Germany
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22Union Minister of Defence, Nirmala Sitharaman signed a Security Protection agreement between India and this country recently.
A. SwedenB. Brazil
C. Switzerland D. Norway
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23Which country has developed the first ant-like walking robot without GPS?
A. FranceB. USA
C. Germany D. China
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24Which country recently agreed to join Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay to present joint 2030 FIFA World Cup bid?
A. ChileB. Germany
C. Spain D. Brazil
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25Which country recently rejected an appeal by US Vice President Mike Pence to withdraw from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal?
A. RussiaB. Brazil
C. Spain D. Germany
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