Current Affairs International - Questions (Section-1)
61Sultan Abdullah was elected as the King of which of the following country?
A. BhutanB. Monaco
C. Swaziland D. Malaysia
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62Which country successfully tested the Arrow 3 missile system?
A. RussiaB. Israel
C. China D. Brazil
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63Which country will organise a Bhagwad Gita Mahotsav in partnership with the Haryana Government?
A. NepalB. Myanmar
C. Japan D. Mauritius
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64With which country, The Union Cabinet of India approved MoC in the field of food processing sector?
A. ItalyB. Germany
C. Japan D. UK
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65Worlds longest 3D printed concrete bridge opened in which country?
A. SpainB. China
C. France D. US
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