Current Affairs International - Questions (Section-1)
51As per the Global Corruption Index 2018, which is the top most country in the list of 180 countries in the world?
A. DenmarkB. New Zealand
C. Pakistan D. China
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52How many agreement are signed between Syria and Iran recently?
A. 21B. 15
C. 11 D. 8
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53India signed the phytosanitary protocol with which country to facilitate the export of Indian tobacco?
A. ChinaB. South Africa
C. Mexico D. Japan
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54Which two countries have launched a common digital currency called "Aber"?
A. UAE and Saudi ArabiaB. Egypt and Iran
C. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia D. Turkey and Syria
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55Which will be the host country of G20 annual summit in 2022?
A. BrazilB. Italy
C. Canada D. India
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