Current Affairs International - Questions (Section-1)
46How many countries have set up a payment channel with Iran called INSTEX?
A. 2B. 4
C. 3 D. 5
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47UN launched Africa Centre for Climate and Sustainable Development along with this country.
A. GermanyB. Brazil
C. India D. Italy
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48What is the India's rank at the 2018 Corruption Perception Index (CPI) of Transparency International (TI)?
A. 52B. 62
C. 78 D. 85
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49What was the theme of World Wetlands Day celebrated on 2nd February 2019?
A. Conservation of WetlandB. Wetland Preservation
C. Wetlands and the Environment D. Wetlands and Climate Change
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50Which Country is to lend a loan of $1 billion to Beijing?
A. BangladeshB. India
C. South Korea D. China
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