Current Affairs International - Questions (Section-1)
1According to 'Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)' India ranked __________ in the 'Inclusive Internet Index 2019'.
A. 32ndB. 47th
C. 50th D. 28th
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2India and __________ intend to increase cooperation on AMR.
A. SwedenB. Finland
C. Norway D. Netherlands
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3Indian government had decided to stop sharing of Indus water with which of the following country?
A. NepalB. Srilanka
C. Bangladesh D. Pakistan
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4Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman increased the quota for Indian Haj pilgrims from 1.75 lakh to __________ lakh after PM Narendra Modi's request?
A. 3 LakhB. 2.5 Lakh
C. 2.75 Lakh D. 2 Lakh
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5With which country India signed a pact for Exchange Information On Tax And Banking Matters?
A. BruneiB. Bahrain
C. Philippines D. Maldives
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