Indian History - Questions (Section-1)
41The system of Dual Government during the latter half of the 18th century AD is associated with the name of
A. CliveB. Comwallis
C. Waren Hastings D. William Bentinck
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42The term samanta, meaning a feudatory from the sixth century AD, originally meant a
A. slaveB. cultivator
C. neighbor D. foreigner
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43'The Vedas contain all the truth was interpreted by
A. Swami VivekanandaB. Swami Dayananda
C. Raja Rammohan Roy D. None of the above
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44To evolve a peaceful settlement of the conflict between India and China, which of the following non-aligned Afro-Asian nations participated in a conference held in December 1962?
A. Burma (now Myanmar), Combodia, Indonesia and UARB. Burma, Sri Lanka, Combodia and Indonesia
C. Burma, Indonesia, Ghana and Sri Lanka D. All of the above
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45Visakhadatta sketches the event after the death of Samudragupta in his work
A. MudrarakasamB. Devi Chand Guptam
C. Mrichekakatika D. Malavikagnimitra
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